April 10, 2017

Stages of fever blisters

Human body’s immune system saves it from many diseases that can hamper our healthy lifestyle. But it cannot save us from all the diseases. One of those diseases is cold sore which is also known as fever blisters. It is caused by herpes simplex virus. There are two types of this virus. The one responsible for causing fever blisters is type 1. There are eight different stages of fever blisters. People need to know about these stages to be aware of what type of medication they should get to heal. Home remedies are getting popular among the people to get rid of fever blisters. Click for more info at the following link- ehomeremedies.com about effective natural remedies for fever blisters. Cold sores can take up to 3 weeks of time to heal on its own. After the first stage, the virus gets way to contagious and people need to be very cautious at that time. Otherwise, it can be easily transmitted to others. The stages of cold sores are discussed below.

First stage-Latent: the virus of fever blisters can stay non-active for a long time in the human body. Our body’s immune system prevents it from getting active. It stays hidden in the nerves located back of the jaw. When other parts of our body face any stress, the immune system turns to that part and the herpes virus gets the chance to come to the surface and start reproducing the infection.

Second stage-Prodrome: At this stage, the virus goes through the nerve to the surface causing an itchy feeling. This can also create a burning feeling on the infected spot. The life cycle of this virus begins from this stage. This stage can take up to 2 days of time to go to the third stage.

Third stage- Inflammation: The virus goes to the cells by the nerves causing a burning feeling. As a react of damaged cells, the infected spot takes a reddish appearance causing a lot of swelling.

Fourth stage-Pre-sore: At this stage, cold sores are known by the size of their vesicles. A group of small blisters is called vesicles. This causes the infected spot to be much more painful and sensitive to touch.

Fifth stage-Open sore: This is the most painful of all the stages of cold sore. At this stage, the vesicles create one open sore. If it gets severe, it can develop a fever.

Sixth stage-Crusting: The healing process starts at this stage by developing a yellowish crust. The pain still remains. The yellow crust or scab starts cracking by the movement of lips

Seventh stage-Healing: the healing process starts to kick in inside out at this stage after the crust is finally cracked. The pain still remains with continuous itching and irritation.

Eighth stage- Post scab: The scab is no longer visible on the skin along with the skin being completely healed. But the healing process still goes on under the skin by eliminating the cells that regenerated.

The virus might stay non-active after the healing process ends. So even after the healing people need to be cautious.

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